SPIRAL’s ‘Draw’ lunar formation hypothesis

Torah Discovery, SPIRAL’s ‘Draw’ lunar formation hypothesis edition 1.5


Distant Starlight w/ Young Earth Creation

‘Distant Starlight and the Age, Formation and Structure of the Universe’
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The Pearlman SPIRAL cosmological redshift (CR) hypothesis takes distant starlight from being the Achilles heel of Young Earth Creation (YeC), to being the overwhelming empirical proof positive for YeC, as explained in this work.
The Pealman SPIRAL explains why CR is empirical proof:
Of a cosmic inflation epoch.
Stellar formation prior to that cosmic inflation epoch.
How we went from a singularity to a stable steady state oscillation universe.
Why we have the optimal view.
Why the entire universe is ‘visible’ .
So we have the optimal view of the entire universe.
Why we (the Earth -sun ecliptic) are at the approximate center of the universe.

and more..

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